I love words. I love quotes, stories, scholarly articles, classic literature, industry news and Headspace blogs. Words. We can shape them, mold them and arrange them in a way that brings power and comfort to anyone reading them.

So, how do you stand out? Relationships. Words are how we form, mold and build relationships. How did I find my voice and writing style? Relationships. I think about them. I research them. I write about them. I nurture them. I talk about them and I listen to stories about them. Whether I’m writing about the office jungle, women’s health issues, or how crying actually releases toxins from your body, I’m thinking about relationships. I’m building relationships and hopefully, I’m making someone feel more understood.

This passion has led to numerous articles featured in Marie Claire magazine, Elite Daily, The Bolde and even Huffington Post. It also led to my current position as a master’s student and graduate assistant seeking a degree in Mass Communications and Advertising with an emphasis on interpersonal communication through technology.

Thank you, and if you want to build a relationship, let’s talk.