Women Bounce Back Faster Than Men After A Breakup–– Because, Yes, We Are Tough And Can Do It All

Our grief may be deeper, but we’re not dwelling on it.

Movies, books, TV shows––you name it, they all dominantly portray women as highly emotional creatures who are consumed by male relationships. We want them, we need them and we are shattered if the relationship ends. Well, science says part of that is true, but women are actually way more stable and able to bounce back more quickly after a breakup than men because women are tough and get sh*t done.

We experience more pain, but there’s a silver lining

According to researchers, women’s behavior post-breakup is actually less destructive than men’s. After a breakup, women feel more angry, anxious and deeper pain, but we also recover more fully. We tend to turn to friends and family for support which helps women cope and move on faster.

According to research, on the other hand, men often avoid introspection and self-examination, so outwardly they just “move on” while inwardly they can experience months and years of resentment and depression. In the study conducted by Craig Morris, men actually reported feeling more lost and depressed after their split, while women felt more anger and anxiety post-breakup.

The numbers behind our breakup behavior

All of this new info on the emotional badassery of women comes from a study from Binghamton University and The University College of London. Researchers surveyed 5,705 participants spanning 96 countries and asked them to rate their breakup pain on a physical and emotional scale from 0 (no pain) to 10 (unbearable). The study found that women averaged a level of 6.84 in terms of their emotional anguish compared to men’s 6.58. Women also felt more physical pain post-breakup than men, weighing in at a 4.21 average versus men’s 3.75.

While the numbers state women experience more pain during a breakup, they are able to come out the other side emotionally stronger. According to Morris, men tend to look for a quick solution to heartbreak, often in another relationship. By never confronting actual feelings they can cause self-destructive behavior down the line.

So, ladies, the science says, “Good for you!”  Even though we may feel gutted from our breakup by golly, we will come out the other side a strong soldier, just like Xena Warrior Princess.

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